Treatments – Dental Unit Water Lines

Effective treatment for Dental Water Unit Lines (DWULs) has to start by removing any accumulated Biofilms. As the information pages on Biofilms demonstrates, biofilms are very resilient and resistant to treatment.

We have found that the most effective method of removing an established biofilm is to subject it to a pH shock, of alternating acid and base environments, together with the use of agents to help prevent attachment.

Having removed the biofilm – it is then important to ensure it does not return by using a regular maintenance solution. The problem with just repeatedly “zapping” the reforming biofilm is that the bacterial counts will gradually climb to potentially hazardous levels between treatments.

The complete starter kit

The VetDentist Complete Starter Kit contains all that you need for the initial clearance and maintenance of your dental unit water lines.

Once the water lines have been cleared and a maintenance solution is in place, dental water lines can remain clean for prolonged periods (even years).

However it is important to flush all of the handpieces and waterlines (3 way syringes etc) for 1 minute prior to the start of the day’s operating. This in itself has been shown to dramatically reduce endotoxin levels in any aerosols.

Regular testing of the water quality should be undertaken and remedial actions employed when necessary.

All handpieces should be cleaned and lubricated daily, then autoclaved. It is important to relubricate following an autoclave procedure. Tests for residual protein can assess the effectiveness of any cleaning regime. Regular servicing should also be employed.