VetDentist Complete Starter Kit


The starter kit contains ABSOLUTELY everything that you need to start effective biofilm and infection control for your Dental unit Water Lines (DUWLs).

The kit includes not only a VetDentist PLUS Biofilm Removal Kit, but also a starter bottle of VetDentist Maintenance solution, together with measuring jugs, cups and the VetDentist Storage 5L Reservoir.

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This is the best place to start – if you are serious about improving the safety of your dental water lines.

The kit contains an initial Biofilm Clearance system – the VetDentist Plus Biofilm Removal Kit.

This kit contains:

  • Blue VetDentist BRS Citric Acid Crystals (160g)
  • Red VetDentist BRS Enzymatic Crystals (10g)
  • Small bottle VetDentist BRS Activator
  • Small bottle VetDentist BC-Sanitiser
  • 250ml bottle VetDentist Deep Hygiene
  • Red VetDentist Sampler unit

In addition there is an initial supply of the VetDentist Maintenance Concentrate (which is used as a 1% solution permanently in the water supply)

Together with detailed instructions, measuring jugs and also the VetDentist Storage Reservoir – to make topping up your water bottles easy.

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Weight 2.61 kg
Dimensions 31.2 × 26 × 36 cm