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This is the regular maintenance solution for use in your Dental Unit Water Lines (DUWLs). After a deep clean, ongoing use of VetDentist Maintenance as only a 1% solution will help prevent reformation of biofilms and reinfection. It is safe to use for your patients, staff and equipment.

A 1l bottle of VetDentist Maintenance will make up to 100L of active solution (often representing over 3 months’ use for a single machine).  An economical way to ensure hygiene and safety.

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VetDentist Maintenance solution is designed to prevent the return of biofilms and infection into Dental Unit Water Lines (DUWLs) after a deep clean has been performed using the VetDentist Starter Kit, or the VetDentist Biofilm Removal Kits.

VetDentist Maintenance is used as only a 1% solution made up with, ideally, Distilled Water – but tap water can be used. Accurate dilution is essential, so measurement jugs and cups are included in the VetDentist Starter Kit. At this concentration the Maintenance solution is safe to use for routine dental procedures, for your patients, your staff and for your equipment.

VetDentist Maintenance passes ISO 16954:2015 and is regarded as the “Product of Choice” in human dental circles.

VetDentist Maintenance is a continuous application product. It should be left in your Dental Unit’s water supply at all times. DO NOT EMPTY the water bottles at the end of the day, or leave them upside to dry out overnight. This is the current advice under CQC and HTM01-05 Guidance and is valid for when only water is used in a DUWL. However, the use of the VetDentist Maintenance solution as continued use has been accepted under HTM01-05 and is regarded by many as the BEST way of achieving Biofilm prevention for DUWLs.

Only remove the Dental Unit water bottle to refill with VetDentist Maintenance. Clean the bottle with VetDentist BC-Sanitiser to help reduce cross contamination.

Flush the unit at the start and the end of the day for 2 minutes, by running the solution through the handpieces and the three-way tap.

Flush the unit for 30 seconds to 1 minute between patients to avoid any cross-infection.

Sample the water every three months using the VetDentist Red Sampler to ensure continued compliance with EU Directive 98/93 for Potable Water Quality of < 100 Colony Forming Units/ml.

Joining one of our subscription plans will provide you with certification, with documentation you can provide to regulatory authorities, Health & Safety and to display to provide assurance for your staff and clients.

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